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View of Western Irrigation District irigation canal which runs to the west of the community

This community is nestled between the Bow River to the west, 17th Avenue to the north and the diagonally-running CN Rail tracks which separate it from Erin Woods. Southview is the neighbourhood immediately south of 17th Avenue and east of 36th Street SE. Southview's curvilinear streets were popular with planners when the community was developed in the 1950s. The community of Dover lies south of 17th Avenue. Dover itself is east of 36th Avenue, West Dover on the west side, and Dover Glen is south of 34th Avenue. There is a mobile home park on the eastern edge of the community, along 52nd Street.

The Dover area has good views of the City and the Rocky Mountains. Peigan Trail on the south connects the area to Deerfoot Trail, providing fast access to the downtown, the city's airport, as well as the mountains to the west (via Glenmore Trail). Barlow Trail south links the community with the Foothills Industrial Park, which provides employment for many of the area's residents. The announced closure of the Hub Oil Refinery o the eastern edge of the community has had a favourable impact on housing prices in the area.


The area is mature and has a number of schools with both school boards. The high schools serving the community are north of 17th Avenue.

Max Bell Arena


There is lots of shopping along 17th Avenue SE. The area ha a number of supermarkets and smaller stores. Because of the community's ethnic nature, 17th Avenue here is also called "International Avenue" and the area has many ethnic specialty stores.

If you're looking for shopping mall, head north to the 36th Street Shopping area north of Memorial Drive. There you'll find a few kilometres of malls and plazas extending as far as 32nd Avenue NE. This area is best known for Marlborough mall and Sunridge Mall and Calgary's only IKEA store.


The area has a number of parks, and is close to both the Bow River and Irrigation Canal recreational pathways, which connect the downtown with Lake Chestermere, east of Calgary. North of 17th Avenue are an outdoor pool, and indoor pool, and an indoor ice arena. There are several movie theatres along 36th Street NE (it is uncertain at this time if the Coral 4 Drive-In on 17th Avenue will remain open).


The community is mostly single family homes in a range of styles, with some multi-unit townhouses along 26th Avenue SE and at the souterhn end of Hubalta Rd.

Community Map

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