Calgary City of Calgary Councillors

Here is a listing of your City of Calgary Councillors (see map of municipal wards, reflecting the 2010 municipal elections).

They can be reached at 268-2430 (If you are not sure which ward you are in, just ask). Their offices are on the third and fourth floor of city hall.





Ward 1 (NW)

Dale Hodges* (403)268-2445 e-mail

Ward 2 (NW)

Gord Lowe* (403) 268-2430 e-mail

Ward 3 (NE-NW)

Helene Larocque* (403) 268-2430 e-mail

Ward 4 (NE-NW)

Gael MacLeod (403) 268-2411 e-mail

Ward 5 (NE)

Ray Jones* (403) 268-2430 e-mail

Ward 6 (SW)

Richard Pootmans (403) 268-2430 e-mail

Ward 7 (NW)

Druh Farrell* (403) 268-2430 e-mail

Ward 8 (SW)

John Mar* (403) 268-2430 e-mail

Ward 9 (SE)

Gian-Carlo Carra (403) 268-2430 e-mail

Ward 10 (NE-SE)

Andre Chabot* (403) 268-2430

Ward 11 (SW)

Brian Pincott* (403) 268-2430 e-mail

Ward 12 (SE)

Shane Keating (403) 268-2430 e-mail

Ward 13 (SW)

Diane Colley-Urquhart* (403) 268-2430 e-mail

Ward 14 (SE)

Peter Demong (403) 268-2430 e-mail

* marks re-elected Councillors

The Mayor
The city's mayor, Naheed Nenshi, can be found on the 2nd Floor of 323 7 Ave, the Old City Hall, between the LRT station and City Hall. You can phone his office at 268-5622.

The mailing and street address for city hall is:
Box 2100, Station "M", Calgary Alberta, T2P 2M5
700 MacLeod Trail S.

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