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TransCanada FoundLocally Inc

1600, 144-4th Ave SW Map of this location
 Sun Life Plaza, West Tower Map of this location

Calgary, AB  T2P 3N4

T: 403-245-2194


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View PROFILE newsletter for Registered Contacts March 26, 2008

Added: 3/31/2008

It has been a while since we have sent an email out to Registered Contacts on our site. We have added a large number of features and enhancements over the past weeks and months. This is the first of several short e-mails to bring everyone up to date.

To update your listing, click on the link above, and then LOGIN THIS LISTING. If you forgot your userID and password, there is a “Forgot Password” option on the LOGIN screen, which will e-mail your passwords back to you. Just enter your e-mail address.


We have added a number of categories to the database, some of which may apply to your business or listing. For your convenience, click on the CATEGORIES tab and click on the “Recently Added Categories” icon (below your listing address & phone number) for the list. If you haven't updated in a few years, other categories may also be new to you!


We have added a new field on the PROFILE page of the listings, for you to describe (in 250 characters or less) what your business or organization is doing to improve the planet. Remember the “3 R's” Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Use of organic products is also a good topic for this new feature.

We are working on adding significant Environmental content to our site, covering the impact on everything from cars, to home design, home maintenance, to clothing, food, health, and even tourism. We are looking for short (250 words) articles that are informative and educational – not self-promotional, that make people smarter consumers (that will be more inclined to choose you, rather than choose poorly). You can contribute articles two ways: using the CONTRIBUTE button at the very top of any web page, or by sending me an e-mail. Appropriate articles will not only give you a writer's credit, but link to your website from all 31 FoundLocally sites, vastly improving your visibility and your web marketing results.


Over the past year we have added a dozen communities in southern Ontario, including this past month, Toronto. If you have locations here, you may want to clone or add additional listings to take advantage of our increased reach. Or, let your friends, family and business affiliates know they can add their listings to their FoundLocally.

Mark Ruthenberg
General Manager

Website: Click for More Info