Search Engine Marketing | 4 Ways a Social Network is Different than a Social Bookmark

Author: Mike McCoy
These two services differ in many ways. A social network is a group of people who are in communication with each other. A social bookmark site is a group of people who share site bookmarks with each other. Both of these types of sites have their marketing advantages, but I think social bookmarking requires less time and gets your website more exposure. "

Building customer relationships vs. links: With social networks, once you have list of prospective customers you can build relationships with them. You see what is going on in their lives and how they think based on what they are posting for their other friends to see. But with social bookmark sites it works differently. You have an audience of prospects that you may not know, but soon they will know you product. "

Text vs. Video: Networks are mainly about text communication between people using the network, whereas bookmarking is about sharing websites and a lot of video with everyone. If you look at leading social networking sites you will find huge lists of messages back and forth between members, but with social bookmark sites you find huge pages of web page thumbnails including a lot of video, pictures and other webpage links that are not shared in the social networking scene. "

Links vs. Page favorites: On social networking sites you will occasionally post links to sites you like. But on social bookmark sites you post links to your favorite pages all the time. In fact the whole service is built around sharing website links with other members. Most of them have thumbnail galleries so people looking at your favorites list can see at least the landing page of the site without actually going to the site. Also there is a review system built into most social bookmark sites that can give prospects an idea of what to expect on a certain site. "

Targeted vs. non-targeted traffic: Networks have more targeted traffic because they are usually only meant for your friends, whereas a social bookmark site is shared more with everyone who uses that bookmarking service. With social bookmark sites you leave your favorites list open to anyone who searches for any of the keywords you have listed or keywords of the sites in your favorites list. The best way to use social bookmark sites in your campaign is to be sure you bookmark all of your sites and all your sub-pages; every page in your site map must be bookmarked. This increases the chance of someone finding your site using one of the search engines on the bookmark site. My advice is to always use social bookmarking sites in all of your Internet marketing campaigns.

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