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Bow Valley College in Calgary

The information glut, caused partly by technology, by media, and by our inate inquisitiveness, is forcing us to learn to better evaluate all the information bombarding us. Learning to learn and learning to evaluate are skills that are becoming critical in our data-intensive world.

You might take a course to finish a degree, upgrade your education, or for pleasure and knowledge. You need to evaluate the reasons for taking a course. Evaluate your invested cost and time, particularly for career-oriented courses. Classes taken for pleasure might escape such detailed scrutiny.

Calgary has many choices

In Calgary, you can take many classes on a full or part-time basis. You can look to major educational institutions, including the University of Calgary (U of C), the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and Mount Royal University (MRC), or to a host of smaller, more intimate and more focussed venues.

Heritage hall at SAIT Contact them at these locations:

Here's a general overview of their offerings:

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
At SAIT, you can choose from several programs:

AccountingArchitectural and Civil EngineeringAutomotive
BusinessCommunication ArtsElectrical
Energy and Natural ResourcesOil and GasPetroleum Land Administration
Petroleum TechnologiesPower EngineeringRecreation Facilities Operations
Health SciencesHospitality CareersMathematics/Physics /Computing
Mechanical Trades and TechnologiesPhotographyPhysical and Leisure Education
Distance Education

Mount Royal University
At Mount Royal, full-time courses are offered in communications, fine arts, interior design, broadcasting, management and business. The college is beginning to add degree programs to their diploma offerings. MRC also offers some part-time options:

MRC also offers several other general part-time courses as:

Behavioral Sciences (Anthropology, Archaeology, Business Administration, Psychology, Sociology)

Chemical and Biological Sciences (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry)

Computer Science


Earth Sciences (Natural Science)

Economics and Political Science





The University of Calgary
The University of Calgary offers several bachelor and masters degree programs ranging from dentistry to law. Other degrees are in communications, art history, medicine, psychology and education, with part-time options, where students can take classes during the day or at night.

Other Institutions

Calgary is also home to many other colleges and post-secondary institutions.

Alberta College of Art and DesignThe Alberta College of Art and Design is known as Calgary's "art school." It teaches visual communication, which includes graphic design, photography, computer graphics as well as fine arts. For more information call 284-7600.

DeVry Institute of Technology specializes in teaching its students business, electronics technology and computer training, and now offers degree programs. Call 235-5400.

Bow Valley College offers various career certificates and diplomas in health, business and industry as well as academic upgrading and English as a Second Language programs.
Sprott Shaw Community College specializes in all kinds of computer applications including computer graphics and 3D animation. Call 255-5570.

The Career College offers training in the oil and gas industry, legal and medical services and travel and tourism. Call 266-0966.

The Academy of Learning is a private vocational school with three locations in Calgary. It teaches computer and business skills. Call 282-5166.

Columbia College teaches its students courses such as dental assistant, personal care aide and job search strategies. For more information call 235-9300.

Henderson College of Business teaches receptionist, secretarial, accounting technician and various other skills. Call 237-6911.

Athabasca University courses are available through correspondence. It is Canada's first fully accredited open university specializing in distance education. Athabasca University offers full bachelor degree programs in subjects such as arts, science, commerce and nursing. Call 1 (800) 788-9041.

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