Huntington Hills, Beddington, Calgary neighbourhoods overview

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These communities were developed in the mid 1970s and are primarily single family dwellings. Huntington Hills is the community east of Centre Street North, and south of Beddington Blvd (the streets here start with an "H"). Beddington is the neighbourhoods east of Centre Street closest to Nose Hill Park (the streets ehre start with a "B"). Beddington Heights is the area north of Beddington Blvd, on both sides of Centre Street. Beddington Heights was originally a C.P.R. station named after the town of Beddington in Surrey, England. Beddington has a variety of housing types ranging from single family dwellings to non-profit townhouses. The area has a gentle northeast-facing slope and has great views of the airport, though it should be noted that the northern end of the community is near the end of a frequently-used airport take-off runway.


This area has 6 public and three Catholic elementary schools and a high school in the public system. Catholic high schools students commute to just south of Nose Hill Park.


The area has a number of plazas on major streets (primarily 64th Avenue and along Centre St), and its shopping is dominated by Beddington Town Centre. Deerfoot Mall is also close-by, on 64th Ave NE just across the Deerfoot Trail.


The recreation in the area is dominated by Nose Hill Park to the west and the large Confluence Park to the northeast. Nose Hill Park is largely unspoiled shortgrass prairie landscape and has the exclusive Calgary Winter Club at its south end. Confluence Park, north of Beddington Trail is new and will be undergoing major improvements over coming years. . There are a number of smaller community parks linked by recreational pathways to the Nose Hill recreational pathways system. The community has two indoor ice arenas and an indoor swimming pool.


The community is mostly single family homes, with smaller homes north of Berskshire Blvd, some multi-unit condominiums along 4 St NE and along Bermondsey Way NW, Beacham Rd NW, and Sandarac Dr NW.

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