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Deane House is the oldest house in Inglewood and in Calgary

This area is undergoing a surge in redevelopment and renovations. Inglewood is Calgary's oldest community, and was the population centre before the CPR station was built at Palliser Square. This neighbourhood, east of the Elbow River, has many charming homes from 50 to 100 years old, some recently renovated, and some condominium townhomes closer to the Bow River. The community is vibrant with many decorator's boutiques and antique stores. East Village is the part of downtown between City Hall and Fort Calgary. This area has several high rise apartments and is the target for several development plans over the coming decade. Victoria Park is the area nestled between the railway tracks and the Stampede grounds, and has many run-down smaller century-old homes. Because the Calgary Stampede has threatened expropriation over the past 20 years, few property owners had invested in maintenance or renovations. The area immediately north of the Stampede is only now undergoing a wave of condo-ization and upgrading. West of the Stampede grounds this area has been the subject of a condominium building boom. East Village-Bow River Pathways


There are several public elementary schools in the area, and Catholic students go to St Mary's in the west end of the community. SAIT and the U of C are readily accessible by public transit from the Stampede or City Hall LRT station. Hose And Hydrant Pub


There are lots of trendy boutiques in the area along 9th Avenue in Inglewood. The area's grocery store is the Cineplex Odeon-op on 11th Avenue SW at Macleod Trail. For mall shopping, head into downtown around TD Square and Banker's Hall.


The Ingelood Rec Centre offers an indoor pool and fitness facilities. The nearby Talisman Centre facility offers world-class everything, including swimming, racquet sports, indoor track, and weights. Most of the area's entertainment is centered along 1st Street, though there are a few restaurants and pubs in Inglewood. The blues bars just east of City hall are very well known around the city. The popular Arts Centre is just inside the downtown on 8th Avenue at Macleod Trail. For movies, head into downtown for a choice of 6 different cinemas.


The community is mostly single family homes. Ther aresome older and newer high rises north of 9th Avenue, but development is awaiting new city plans for the East Village. The area eat of MacLeod Trail, between the railway tracks and the Stampede Grounds, is undergoing a rebirth, with several high-rise (30+ storey) condo buildings being built, with some mixed-use office/retail/residential buildings being built along 10th and 11th Avenues, with completion expected in the 2009-2010 period.

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