Kensington, Sunnyside, Hillhurst, Calgary neighbourhoods overview

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Kensington Crossing Condos

This area is on the north side of the Bow River, between Centre Street and Crowchild Trail. The community is centered around the Louise Bridge & Kensington shopping district nestled along 10th Street NW and Kensington Rd, the major east-west artery in the area.

East of 10th, the neighbourhood is also called Sunnyside, and has smaller home, low-rise apartments and recently-built townhouse condos.

Kensington has some smaller houses dating back to 1912, plus some very spacious modern bungalows and very modern "infills". The area is serviced by the Kensington LRT station.

Sunnyside Home Wide The west end of the community, west of 14th Street is called Hillhurst. The area west of 19th Street is called West Hillhurst. The quiet and well-treed community between Kensington Rd and the Bow River is called Westmount, and has some low-rise apartments as well as single family homes, and is also home to CBC's Calgary facilties.


There are several public elementary schools in the area, and Catholic students go to St Mary's in the west end of the community. SAIT and the U of C are readily accessible by public transit from the Stampede or City Hall LRT station.


Quaint shops in Kensington Crescent

There is a small shopping strip along 19th Street between 5 Ave and Kensington, and some services on 14th Street. There are plenty of small shops and boutiques offering a variety of goods and services along 10th Street and Kensington Rd. The closest shopping mall is the North Hill Mall, atop the 14th Street hill, though some residents will head to Eau Claire Market or TD Square downtown. Sunnyside view up 10th Street NW toward SAIT campus


The entire community is accessible to the riverside recreational pathways. There is also an indoor ice arena run by the community association, and an outdoor pool. There are plenty of fine restaurants nearby along Kensington Rd and on Kensington Crescent, and on the other side of the Bow River at Eau Claire.

The trendy area is also known for the variety of coffee shops, with one on every corner! Kensington also boasts the Plaza Theatre, which plays mostly art films. There are a couple of licensed establishments offering musical entertainment in the area.


The community is mostly single family homes, with some multi-unit condominiums and apartments closer to 10th Street, 14th Street and along 5th Avenue (including some seniors residences). There are also a number of semi-detached homes in the area.

Community Map

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