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Marlborough Mall The neighbourhoods of Marlborough are Marlborough Park east of the Marlborough Mall in NE Calgary, and between Memorial Drive in the south and 16th Ave in the north. Marlborough itself is between the 32nd Street shopping corridor and 52 Street and was annexed into Calgary 1961 annexation and has developed into a predominantly low density residential neighbourhood with many townhome condos and apartments. Marlborough Park is east of 52nd and west of 68th Street and was developed during the 1970s.

All the streets in these communities start with "Ma." The community is primarily low density residential with a mix of single family homes, townhomes, and low-rise rental apartments. The community is serviced by the Marlborough LRT station on the Northeast leg. The community is readily accessible to the rest of the city via either Memorial Drive or 16th Avenue, and is relatively close to the city's airport.


The community is well-schooled with six public elementary and two Catholic elementary schools. Most high schools students go to schools just south of the community.

Marlbourhough Mall is the area's largest shopping mall


The area is serviced by the /Transportation-Canada Mall on 52nd Street and is very close to the 32nd Street NE shopping corridor, with several large malls and a number of Asian shops and grocery stores.


The area has a number of large parks. The Village Square Leisure Centre, with various facilities including a wave pool, is just to the north of the community, and there is an indoor pool and indoor ice arena just south in Forest Lawn. Movie theatres are close-by at Marlborough and Sunridge. Lake Chestermere is about 15 minutes east of the community on the /Transportation-Canada Highway, and has various water activities, a golf course, and a summertime waterslide park.


The community is mostly single family homes, with some multi-unit condominiums closer to Marlborough Mall.

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