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View of Calgary Winter Club and Nose Hill from downtown This community is nestled between Nose Creek to the east and 14th Street (and Nose Hill Park) to the West and between McKnight Blvd (48th Ave) on the south and 64th Avenue on the north. North Haven is the community just north of John Laurie Blvd, and was developed in the late 1950s with predominantly single family homes. Highwood is to the east of John Laurie and between McKnight Blvd and 40th Ave. Highland Park is the community east of 4th Street and is built around a golf course. Greenview is the eastward sloping land east of Centre Street, and includes some industrial land around 41st Avenue and east of Edmonton Trail. North Of McKnight, and east of Centre Street is the neighbourhood of Thorncliffe Heights. West of Centre Street is the neighbourhood of Thornecliffe. The area has great views of the city's downtown and the northeast. McKnight Blvd gives the area fast access to the city's airport as well as downtown via the Deerfoot.


This community has three public elementary and one Catholic elementary school, though there are three high schools a short distance away.


The area has a number of small plazas on main streets in and around the community, though the largest mall in the area is Beddington Town Centre just to the north or Deerfoot Mall on 64th Avenue, on the other side of Deerfoot Trail.


The community has a number of parks linked together with recreational pathways, and connected to the Nose Creek recreational pathways system. To the west of the community is the large Nose Hill Park, which is largely unspoiled shortgrass prairie landscape. Just north of John Laurie, on 14th Street is the exclusive Calgary Winter Club with complete recreational facilities. The community has an indoor ice arena on Centre St, and there are an indoor pool and another ice arena just north of 64th Avenue.


The community is mostly single family homes, most built in the 1950s through 1970s, with some multi-unit condominiums at the 64th Ave between 4 St NW and 4 St NE.

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