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houses in Point McKay and Montgomery This community lies between 16th Avenue NW (the /Transportation-Canada Highway) and the Bow River, west of Crowchild Trail. Parkdale lies in the river valley, north of Parkdale Boulevard (which blends into Bowness Road and Kensington, depending on which direction you're going) and has some older homes as well as a number of 4-plexes and recently built in-fill homes. Point McKay is along the Bow River and the recreational pathways and is mostly condominium townhomes and a high rise tower. St Andrew Heights is the community atop the hill and around the Foothills Hospital. This neighbourhood is mostly single family homes west of University Drive, and apartments and low-rise condos to the east.


This area has elementary schools in the public school system, with a high school just across 16th Avenue NW. The Catholic elementary school is just across Crowchild Trail.

Recreational Pathway in the fall at Point McKay


There is a small shopping strip along Parkdale Boulevard, but the main shopping area is along 16th Avenue, at a plaza just north of the Foothills Hospital, or to the east at North Hill Mall.. The larger and newer Market Mall is accessible up Shaganappi Trail from Point McKay.


The area's recreation tends to be focused on the Bow River recreational pathways, which run on both sides of the river (with bridges at Edworthy Park and at Crowchild Trail). There is also plenty of greenspaces on the steep slope of the North Hill. There is a toboggan run off University Drive, and another across the Bow River in Edworthy Park. There are extensive fitness facilities at Foothills Athletic Park, just north of 16th Avenue, including and indoor ice arena, an indoor swimming pool, and soccer pitches.


The community is mostly single family homes, with some multi-unit condominiums closer to Memorial Drive at Point MacKay and just north and just east of the Foothills Hos[pital

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