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hillside homes in Ranchlands These relatively new communities are west of Sarcee Trail, north of Crowchild, and southeast of Nose Hill Drive and Country Hills Boulevard. Ranchlands is the neighbourhood closest to Crowchild Trail and was named for the ranching traditions of the Calgary area. Crowchild Ranch is just north of John Laurie Boulevard, in the area south of Hawkwood Blvd. Hawkwood was named for its original landowners. Both communities were developed mostly in the 1980s, with the earlier homes further south. Country Hills Boulevard gives fast access to the city's airport, while the newly opened Stoney Trail gives fast access to the mountains.


This community has two public and two Catholic elementary schools. High school students must commute to schools in Brentwood.

homes up a hillside in Hawkwood


There are a number of small plazas around the community, though the area's shopping is dominated by the new Crowfoot Centre, just west of Nose Hill Drive. Residents in northeast Hawkwood also head to Country Hills Village, just east of Sarcee Trail.


The area has a number of parks scattered around the community. There is a new YMCA to the west beside Crowfoot Centre, which also has a multi-screen movie theatre.


The community is mostly single family homes in a range of styles, with some multi-unit condominiums along Ranchview Rd NW and on the south side of Country Hills Blvd.

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