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Bow River view To Orthodox Church This community lies east of Edmonton Trail and west of the Deerfoot Trail, and between 16th Avenue NE and the Bow River. Bridgeland is the part of North East that Calgarians first see from the downtown core. It lies across the four bridges that get traffic from Edmonton Trail and from Memorial Drive into the downtown. It was named after the historical Langevin Bridge was built in 1885.

Bridgeland includes the area around the former Calgary General Hospital (which was demolished by implosion in 1999) and is often called "Little Italy." The small Bridgeland area also has ten different churches supporting a variety of faiths. Many homes in this area date back to Calgary's first boom, prior to 1917. Regal Terrace is the neighbourhood up the Edmonton Trail hill, which offers some great vistas over Southeast Calgary and the lower Bow River valley.

Renfrew is the east of 6th Street between 8th Ave and 16th Avenue NE (with all streets beginning with "R"). Renfrew was developed in the 1940s, after the first Calgary Airport was moved further northeast from this area. Mountview is a small residential area north of 16th Avenue that includes the Calgary detachment of the RCMP, and is home to the Midfield Mobile Home Park.

Tom Campbell Hill Viewpoint Directly north of the Zoo (and the overpass) is the neighbourhood called St Georges Heights. The airport's main north-south runway begins its landing approach over Deerfoot Trail on the eastern edge of the community.


This area has 4 public and two Catholic elementary schools. High school students of both boards need to commute a short distance outside of the area.

Bridgeland is an old community with many fine churches


There are a number of shops and stores along the busy Edmonton Trail and 16th Avenue NE. "Little Italy" is known for its numerous Italian shops and restaurants. The historical Inglewood shopping area is easily accessible across St Georges Island from the community. The nearest shopping malls are either downtown or east along Memorial to 36th Street NE.


The community is closest to the Bow River and Nose Creek recreational pathway systems that connect to most other areas of the city, including downtown and Princes Island Park. The area offers a number of recreational pursuits, there are an indoor pool and an indoor ice arena in Renfrew Park, just south of 16th Avenue. There is an outdoor pool at Bridgeland (close to the LRT station, as well as an outdoor ice rink. The Calgary Elks Lodge and Golf Club is in the Nose Creek valley, near Mountview. The Calgary Zoo and Prehistoric Park is on St Georges Island and accessible via several points from the community.


This area has a mix of low-rise apartments and condos on the hill overlooking downtown and Edmonton Trail, while the area east of Edmonton trail is mostly single-family or semi-detached housing built from the 1930s to the 1980s in the area known to Calgarians as "Little Italy". The area adjacent to the Bridgeland LRT station was developed in the early 2000's, following the demolition of the Holy Cross Hospital by former premier Ralph Klein.

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