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Sunalta Station on the West LRT

These communities are on the hillside to the southwest of downtown. Scarboro is a high-end inner city community, similar to Mount Royal, It is squeezed between 12 Avenue and 17 Avenue, with the more expensive houses higher on the hill, toward Crowchild Trail. Less expensive homes and low-rise apartments are crowded close to 14th Street and along 11th and 12th Avenues. Around the Alberta Children's Hospital and the start of Richmond Rd is the community of Knob Hill, with its larger single-family homes.

Sunalta is the strip of land closest to the LRT tracks and Bow Trail, that is filled with condos and reatal ap[artment buildings (and close to the proposed Calgary NEXTarena project). Bankview lies on the south side of 17th Avenue, and is quite hilly. The area has a mix of single-family homes, inexpensive apartments and some expensive "San Francisco style" condominiums.


This area has two public schools and two Catholic schools and a junior high. Students must commute a short distance for high school. the former Alberta Childrens hospital overlooks the neighbourhood


17th Avenue provides a bevy of boutiques for high-end shoppers, though many prefer to shop downtown at TD Square and Banker's Hall. Less expensive stores and merchandise are found at nearby Westbrook Mall. Bow River pathways as seen from 11St SW


The community is home to the Calgary Tennis Club, and is close to the Bow River recreational pathways. There is an outdoor pool a short distance away on 14th Street. Both the Richmnd Gren and the Shaganappi golf courses are close by. Live theatre is available at the Pumphouse Theatre, on the Bow River. For movies, head into downtown for a choice of 6 theatres.


The community is mostly single family homes in a range of styles, with Executive homes in Scarboro on the hillside north of 17th Avenue. Along 11th & 12th Avenues and close to 14th Street are a concentration of multi-unit low-rise condos and rental appartments.with some multi-unit condominiums typically 2-5 storeys. There are some high rise apartments along 17 Avenue west of Crowchild Trail.

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