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Garrison Woods condos

These communities lie on the relatively flat hilltop, between 26 Avenue and 50th Avenue, between 14th Street and Crowchild Trail. South Calgary and Altadore have a mix of single family homes, with the more expensive ones closer to the park at Sandy Beach.

The area formerly known as (Garrison Green (west of Crowchild) and Garrison Woods (east of Crowchild) which where formerly called the "Currie Barracks" is the area around the former military base (it was a training airport during WWII). When the federal government relocated the military to Edmonton (it's said, because that city elected federal Liberals at that time), the entire area began undergoing a major redevelopment. Garrison Woods and offers a mix of townhomes and single family homes. Lincoln Park has mostly larger single family homes and on the west edge of Glenmore Athletic Park Garrison Wood pathways by Memorial


This area has a full range of schools from elementary to the high school level. The area is only a short distance away from Mount Royal College. The U of C is accessible via the 72/73 Great Circle bus route along Crowchild Trail.


This area is centred around the Marda Loop shopping district, so called because it was a turnaround point for the "Marda" streetcar line in the early 1900s. The Calgary Farmer's Market is located in one of the hangar buildings (as are a number of movie studios), though these will be closed down in 2008 for further residential development. The malls at Westbrook, Westhills and Chinook are all about the same distance away.

View of Glenmore Dam from the Glenmore Athletic Park


This community has a north-south bike path joining the Bow River and Glenmore pathway systems and is accessible to the Elbow pathway at Sandy Beach. Glenmore Athletic Park has both an indoor ice arena and an indoor pool. Take the road down from the Park and you get to the starting point (just below the Glenmore Dam) for Calgary's favourite rafting or "tubing" route along the Elbow (get out around 4th Street). The earl Grey Golf Course is just across the Glenmore Trail. There are significant athletic facilities at Mount Royal College (including a public swim pool), There are some restaurants in the Marda Loop area, and for movies, head west to the Westhills mall.


The community is mostly single family homes in a range of styles, with some multi-unit condominiums concentrated in the area that used to be the Currie Barracks west of Crowchild and Garrison Woods east of Crowchild Trail.

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