Strathmore, Calgary neighbourhoods overview

Strathmore is 50 kilometres east of Calgary, is known to most of us for its roadside rest stops. Strathmore is the market center for the farming areas east of Calgary, and has a well-developed community.

Strathmore got its start in 1883, when the CPR was built through this area, and was named for a railway benefactor, Claude Bowes-Lyon, the Earl of Strathmore. In 1905, the CPR moved the hamlet of Strathmore four miles north to its current location. The town expanded when the Canadian government started promoting western Canada ("The Last Best West"). The CPR railroad tracks are now gone, the land has been subdivided.


Strathmore is part of the Goldenhills School Division, which provides schooling for the area. Strathmore has three elementary schools, one junior high school, one high school, and a Catholic elementary (K-6) and a Catholic high school (7-12). As well, Strathmore is home to the Trinity Lutheran Christian Academy(K-9).

Strathmore was the home of Covenant Bible College Canada. (run here from 1995-2007, and closed down for fiscal reason)


Strathmore has the Country Lane Mall on the /Transportation-Canada Highway.


Strathmore has a large park in the middle of town and a Rodeo Grounds. There is a Family Centre with an arena and curling rink, and outdoor swimming pool. For golfers, the Strathmore Golf Club is on the west side of town.


Today, the town is an important agricultural community. Oil and gas exploration is also a growing interest in the area. It is the headquarters of the Golden Hills School Division. Many commute daily from Strathmore to Calgary. Over the past three years the town has seen a major growth in commercial development.

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