Communities East of the Calgary


Chestermere Inn, community focal point East of Calgary are two booming bedroom communities: Lake Chestermere and Strathmore. Low land costs and good transportation routes are the reason for their growth.

Lake Chestermere, 15 kilometres east of Calgary's downtown, was for many years a summer village with cottages around the lake. It is now a town with 7,000 residents. The community is connected to Calgary by both the /Transportation-Canada Highway (16th Ave NE) and by 17th Avenue SE (Highway 1A). There are proposals underway for development of another 2,500 homes in the area.

Strathmore is 50 kilometres east of Calgary, is known to most of us for its roadside rest stops. Strathmore is the market center for the farming areas east of Calgary, and has a well-developed community.


Sailboats on Lake Chestermere's Shore

Lake Chestermere has a High School, just east of town in the Municipal District of Rocky View. Earlier grades get bussed.

Strathmore is a major town in the Municipal District of Wheatland and provides schooling for the area, right up to the High School level.


Chestermere has some convenience stores on both sides of the lake, but most people drive into Calgary for shopping.
Western Irrigation plaques by Lake Cetermere

Strathmore has the Country Lane Mall on the /Transportation-Canada Highway.


Chestermere is built around Lake Chestermere, a shallow lake used for motorboating, sailing, and windsurfing. There is also a waterslide at the Intersection of Highways 1 and 1A. On the western shore is the Lakeside Green Golf Club. The community is connected to the Calgary recreational pathways, following the path of the Western Irrigation District slough.

Strathmore has a large park in the middle of town and a Rodeo Grounds. There is a Family Centre with an arena and curling rink, and outdoor swimming pool. For golfers, the Strathmore Golf Club is on the west side of town.


Lake Chestermere is getting significant development north of Highway 1, and on the west side of the lake (on both sides of 17th Avenue SE), known as Westmere.

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