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This community is focused around the University of Calgary, McMahon Stadium, Foothills Athletic Park, and the Foothills Hospital. The area was annexed by Calgary in 1910, and was developed in the 1960s at the same time as the university. University Heights is south of the university and is mostly single-family housing with some apartments and low-rise townhouses (and all the street names begin with a "U"). The University of Calgary itself has high-density residences for on-campus student housing. Across Crowchild Trail is the community of Banff Trail, which consists of singe-family housing. The unique feature of this area is "Motel Village," the cluster of about 20 hotels and motels across Crowchild Trail from McMahon Stadium. This area is affected by traffic levels and on-street parking for sporting events.


This area is mature and has three elementary schools and two high schools, both in the public schools board. Students in the Catholic board will need to attend schools east of 20th Street. The University of Calgary is the focal point of the community, though SAIT and ACAD are close-by (especially by LRT). Mount Royal College is a distance away, but readily accessible by Calgary Transit's "Great Circle Route" (#72, #73).


There are small plazas in the neighbourhoods, one just north of 16th Avenue (at 19th), and another near Motel Village. The area is surrounded by larger malls, including North Hill to the east, Brentwood to the north, and Market Mall to the northwest.


The area's recreation includes the North Hill recreational pathways, which runs through a chain of parks until Nose Creek to the east.. There is also plenty of greenspaces on the steep slope of the North Hill, around the University, and toward Charleswood. There are extensive fitness facilities at Foothills Athletic Park, just north of 16th Avenue, including an indoor ice arena, an indoor swimming pool, and soccer pitches. There is a toboggan run on the west side of University Drive. The University itself has excellent swimming and recreational facilities, and Canada's only indoor speed skating oval. The city-owned Confederation Golf Course is at the northeast boundary of the community. For those wishing to be a spectator, athletic events are held at McMahon Stadium (mostly football), Burns Stadium (baseball), the Olympic Speed Skating Oval (skating), and the Campus Rec Centre (variety of sports). There are a number of restaurants and nightclubs, along 16th Avenue and in Motel Village, servicing the younger college and university crowd. The University presents a number of theatrical performances and movie theatres are nearby at Market Mall and Northland Village.


The community is mostly single family homes in a range of styles, with some multi-unit condominiums and high rise rental apartments along University Drive

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