Communities North of the Calgary


There are a number of communities to the north of Calgary, that are fast becomeing bedroom communities for Calgary, populated with people escaping from the high house prices in the city. These include Airdrie, Crossfield, Carstairs and Cremona. The largest of these is the City of Airdrie is 20 minutes to the north of Calgary, on the main highway to Edmonton. It is also very convenient to the Calgary International Airport. Since 1987, Airdrie's population has tripled to over 28,000. Over half of Airdrie's working population commutes daily to Calgary.


Airdrie has a full range of schools for students of all ages.


Airdrie is an entirely self-contained community, with lots of shopping in town, even with several car dealerships. The big shopping centre is the Tower Lane Mall on Main Street.


Airdrie has a number of parks, including Nose Creek (with its museum), Fletcher Park, and East Lake, with both a lake and an aquatic centre. On the west side of town, west of 8th Street is the Woodside Golf Course.


New homes are being built in Edgewater Gardens, Jensen Heights, Meadow Brook, Gladstone Village, Waterstone Park, Willowbrook, The Springs, and around Woodside on the town's northwest.

Community Map

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