Calgary Restaurants Scene: Macleod Trail South

Macleod Trail, better know for being a major commuter route is also "land of shopping malls" and home to "category killer" "big box" stores. With that much activity, a lot of restaurants are attracted to this area. And not all are chains...not that there's anything wrong with that (to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld).

Of course, you'll find the familiar and the average-priced. Macleod Trail has Arby's, Burger King, Denny's, Harvey's, KFC, McDonald's, Mr. Submarine, Subway, and a Wendy's (have we missed any?). And not just on the street but in the various malls' food courts. Macleod is also home to many hotels and motels, with their own eating establishments.

For fine dining, head to Caesar's South or Smugglers Inn (its not really a hotel!). If it's value-priced Italian you're looking for, checkout Scoozami, East Side Mario's and Joey Tomato's (both now in Chinook). For dessert, head to the Cheesecake Cafe.

With the population boom south of Fish Creek, a number of new places have opended up close to the Coliseum movie theatre including Barley Mill and East Side Mario's, to name a couple!

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