Calgary What Is HyperMiling

"Hypermiling" was coined by Wayne Gerdes, and describe how to drive in order to exceed their vehicle's EPA fuel economy rating. This manner of driving can often reach the fuel economy of driving an equivalent hybrid vehicle. Hypermilers driving their hybrids have been able to exceed 100 MPG. Many basic hypermiling techniques actually make you a better driver, though some more advanced techniques may actually be illegal in some jurisdictions. Being aware o fyour surroundings and other traffic is key to safe hypermiling.

In 2008, the EPA ratings have been lowered for many vehicles. This means that achieving 40% above the 2008 ratings is no harder than achieving 20% over the ratings prior to 2008. Many dedicated hypermilers often achieve 50% above the posted EPA mileage figures.

Getting your vehicle ready

Basic Techniques

For more advanced techniques, see the Hypermiling website/blog

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